– Peaked to #1 on Amazon’s Top Rated in Biographies & Memoirs of Criminals.

– 2013 Georgia Author of the year awards finalist under the category of “Memoirs/Autobiographies”.

– 2013 Next Generation Indie Book awards finalist for best independent Non-Fiction E-Book of 2013.

A provocative and candid memoir spanning the first nineteen years of the author’s life, The Bookie’s Daughter resonates with elements of Sopranos and Running with Scissors—zany, violent, dysfunctional, and oh-so-human.

A darkly comedic family saga, The Bookie’s Daughter is a wild ride through a childhood dominated by Big Al, the author’s larger-than-life bookie father, and Bonnie, her trigger-happy alcoholic mother. Devoted to their family yet in thrall to their prodigious addictions, they recklessly plunged their daughters into a dangerous life of crime.

Join The Bookie’s Daughter in a perfect storm of adolescent angst, crime, and shocking adventures. Follow along as the author and her sister traverse a childhood where gambling, police raids, trials, public scorn, spitting Studda Bubbas, hitmen, IRA gunrunners, pedophiles, bodyguards, and midnight runs for illegal goods were considered routine.